Is it possible to kitesurf in Stockholm? How can I learn to kitesurf in stockholm?

surfspots i stockholm

Kitesurfing is a very fast growing sport in the Stockholm area and there are already several 100s of kitesurfers in Stockholm.
We have a lot of different places to kite surfing the Stockholm area, from Dalaro & Torö in south to Norrtälje in the north.
Most people kitesurfing the Stockholm area, do it on weekends. During a weekend with good wind from the southwest Dalarö will be full of kitesurfers. It is therefore particularly important to follow right way of rules at the sea, and show respect for other people using the beaches.


If you want to learn to kitesurf so you should go for a kite surfing course with Kitesurfers – Stockholm Kite School which will give you all the knowledge you need to be able to continue kitesurf on your own. Kitesurfers – Stockholm kite school teaches sometimes in Dalaro, but also at many other beaches in Stockholm, depending on the wind direction the current day. We who work at Kitesurfers have been teaching kitesurfing for over 10 years in many different conditions.





Kitesurfing i stockholmIt’s nice to not travel so far away to kitesurf. Perhaps you can take time off from work one day and go out and enjoy kitesurfing just up to 1 hour drive from Stockholm city center! It’s also handy to learn kitesurfing in Stockholm before you head off on a holiday to kitesurf. becuase, you want to enjoy the kitesurfingholiday as much as possible, therefore it is best to learn kitesurfing in stockholm before you leave!



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