It is social and fun to learn kite surfing!

Felt calm and methodical, “No stress”

The best part of the course was that I came up on the board!

Jens is a great instructor as he is very patient and inspirational. His relaxed personality and will to make you succeed are two of the qualities that make Jens Mortensen a great Kiteboarding instructor.

Clear patient instruction, to allow lots of improvement and progress!

Quick progress, feels like there is no wating. Involved all the time. GOOD FUN! Clear instruktions.

The best thing about the course was that you got to get out into nature and meet new friends!

Kite is really cool because you know what a move it is in the wind! Jens did a really good job of explaining how to use this natural force at best. A must for anyone who has seen kite surfing and thought: I would like to test that!

Tried kite surfing in Stockholm for the first time and my instructor Jens was really professional. We’ve had a lot of fun and I felt safe.

Great Instructors, Good skills being taught and a good memory! Thanks very much! Recommend this school for aspiring kite surfers! Visited March

We had a nice kit course at Ingarö. Although we had absolutely no previous experience, we got very good coaching and both were very happy after the day. We recommend.

We were a group of four people taking a beginner course. We were divided into two groups and we got Jens as instructor. Really nice, careful and always think about safety. Both my friend and I were up and going and are extremely happy with the day! Highly recommended!

Good review on security & basics. Few students per instructor. I learned a lot. Good lesson with Jens

Few participants per instructor. Good info & lots of lessons. Good security.

Few participants, good equipment so I felt warm. educational & kind instructors

Great course, good setup with a little theory and a lot of practice

EVERYTHING WAS THE TOP! Small group, good instructor, spot, weather 🙂 and equipment.

Personalized and customized training, small group of GOOD INSTRUCTORS !! 🙂

Det bästa med kursen var att Känna trycket i vinden och draken när kroppen rycks med. schyst m.bra utrustning

Samlade, balanserade & kunniga instruktörer. Bra utrustning, bra vald plats.

Bra genomgång av säkerhet och upplägg av kursen. Fint att få komma ut i naturen och få uppleva kitesurfing

Schysst utrustning, bra instruktörer

Det bästa med kursen är att Vara ute och åka med kiten, roligt! roligt!

Pedagogiska instruktörer och trevliga stämning