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About kitesurfers – Stockholm Kite school

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Om kitesurfers - Stockholms kitesurfingskola

Kitesurfers - Stockholm kite school - is a professional Kitesurfing School emanating from the heart of Stockholm and holds courses on the best beaches around the Greater Stockholm area. We offer lessons for all levels of kite surfers from total beginners to those already up and ride the board but want to take your kitesurfing to the next level.


All our courses follow the standardized curriculum that enables you to have a first-class education leading to a certificate which is valid throughout the world. We train in small group but also offer private lessons for those who want to develop especially fast. We hold courses in a moderate pace so that you feel you have time and developed while it does not go too slowly and becomes boring.

We always have the most modern equipment, for your safety and to be able to offer you the highest quality and most comfortable riding during your course. When you have attended the kite course with us, you get the opportunity to buy kitesurfing equipment at a discounted price at our partners if you show them your new certification you got in the end of your kitesurfing course with kitesurfers.se

If you are curious to learn how to surf on the water with the help of the wind and feel the freedom that kitesurfing gives you've come to the right place. With 100's of satisfied students in the past, we are sure that we will deliver the best kitesurfing course for you as possible.