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Refresher 4h

1 495kr

If you are in a stage where you have learned all the basic in kitesurfing and may need some expert coaching. Where is the the refresh course is a good way to develop quickly. It also means that you can relax and make progress at your own pace.

  • Course based on international certifications
  • Repetition as agreed
  • Boardstarts
  • Ride upwind
  • Transitions

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Learn to kitesurf in a safe and comfortable way.

We know the best spots to learn to kite surf on in our city! Our experienced licensed instructors will guide you through the course in small groups that allow you to learn in your own pace. which means lots of action, the right amount of theory and a really fun day out!

Secure progress

We want to make sure that you learn to kitesurf in a safe way and at the same time can develop as fast as possible in a pace that fits you.

The latest equipment and no delays.

We don’t want that old and un secure second-hand gear stands in the way of your development, thats why we always invest in the latest equipment every season.
One advantage of being such a big school is that we can always match the right equipment (kite, board and wetsuit) to you as a person and your kitesuf level, this means that no student ever have to wait for equipment for their size to be free.

Become internationally certified in kitesurfing

It doesn’t matter if you aim to learn to kitesurf just for exercise, explore the sea and secret spots, want to become a pro rider or just want to try kitesurfing and have a fun day out in the sun. You have come to the right school, we welcome al levels of students. In the end of each kitesurfing course your instructor will assign you your personal certificate stating what level your have personally reached during the course.

All our kitesurfing courses includes the following;

  • Course hold on the latest models of kites
  • An instructor that guides you thru your course
  • Loan of wetsuits, harness and other accessories
  • Loan of helmet and Impact-vest
  • Wind guarantee
  • A fantastic experience


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